Stay Healthy This June

Winter is upon us, and there’s a number of ways this might affect your health.

Luckily, Hurstville Central have the cure for you.

From Priceline Pharmacy’s great discounts on health, beauty, and wellbeing products to the seasonal fresh produce at Adam’s Apple, you’ve got everything you need to beat the chill.

It doesn’t take much to stay healthy this June.

We’ve got our top 6 tips for a safe and healthy winter season, brought to you by Hurstville Central – fast, fresh, convenient.

Of course, it’s more than skin deep.

There are three basic tips to choosing a health or beauty product you can trust. If in doubt, ask your pharmacist: ask at Hurstville for expert advice, every time.

Eat smart.

While it might help some people to have a good meal planner or similar, for the rest of us, it comes down to simple things.

Buying the freshest produce from Coles Hurstville, Adam’s Apple, or one of the specialty meat or fish retailers, makes sure you’re getting healthy, organic meals.

If you’re in a rush, a light sushi dinner or a warm kebab can still be a good option: everything in moderation.

Always listen to the experts.

Don’t ever “assume” a health product is right for you. Everyone’s different, and even minor things can lead to allergic reactions, or mean that a medication might be less effective – or even dangerous.

Always read the label. Always ask for advice, even if you’re pretty confident. And, listen to it. Put it into practice. Follow the advice of the experts.

Stay fighting fit.

Fitness might look different for everyone, but it’s never unimportant.

Whether you’re meeting goals through a monthly schedule, or walking instead of catching the bus, there’s a great variety of ways to stay fit – even on a chilly morning.

Fitness also boosts the immune system. By regulating your fitness level, you can increase your ability to bounce-back from certain common winter ailments, such as cold and flu. You won’t turn into a superhero overnight, but it’s a good first step.

Warming up by going for a walk or run before work can keep your mind sharp and focused through the day.

Finish off with a cup of tea or coffee from 18 Grams Espresso on your way, and you’ve got the best of both worlds.

Choose carefully.

There’s always going to be a point where it’s down to you to be responsible in your choices.

If you’re concerned about a product, or aren’t sure if it’s right for you, ask one of the staff.

Testers of various makeup products mean you can try before you buy, at least some of the time. This means you can make an informed decision, rather than a stab in the dark.

Be responsible.

Everything from covering your nose when you sneeze to getting a regular check-up from your doctor or specialist services offered by Southern Radiology can ensure you’re staying healthy.

Keep cold and flu at bay by covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Remember to always, always wash your hands afterwards with antibacterial soap.

There’s no single solution, but a couple of simple steps such as above can keep you, and the people around you, healthy. Especially, show consideration for the elderly or people with compromised immune systems: don’t spread disease, cover your mouth when you sneeze.

It’s all about community immunity! The better your health practice, the better for everyone around you.

Think big.

Even the small things have a big effect.

Switching up your diet to include more fresh fruit, or approaching a Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville staff member for a bit of advice can be the first step to a healthy winter.

Stay fit, eat healthy, make good choices, and be responsible for those around you: remember, community immunity!

It can all add up to a healthy winter for everyone.


Ask any of the friendly staff at the best pharmacy in Hurstville Central. Health and beauty are intertwined – and it’s important to shop according to what’s appropriate for you, your skin, and your wellbeing.

It’s also important to follow the instructions of your pharmacist.

With any prescription medication, or a product such as a shampoo or conditioner, following the instructions on the box or those that are provided by a healthcare professional such as one of the expert pharmacists makes sure you’re safe.