The concession and consent by Cerno Hurstville Investors No3 Pty Ltd (CHI) is conditional upon the following:


  1. The Licensee must observe all regulations directed by Hurstville Central Shopping Centre Management (CM). Failure to observe instructions from CM may lead to the termination of the casual leasing agreement. There will be no refunds should this event occur.
  2. CM will regularly observe the condition and appearance of the Licensee’s promotional booth. Should a Licensee be notified of unsatisfactory conditions, failure to remedy conditions within 2 hours may result in the concession and consent being terminated. There will be no refunds should this occur.
  3. The Licensee will ensure that the promotional booth when unattended at the end of the business day is left in a tidy and presentable fashion.
  4. Music or any other promotional/advertising video may not be played at any time within the agreed term without express permission and approval by the CM in writing.
  5. The Licensee will remove all items from the Centre by 8.00pm on the last day of the leasing period.
  6. The Licensee shall not unreasonably interfere with the day-to-day functioning of the Centre and its customers. Licensees will refrain from loud and disruptive promotional behaviour.
  7. The Licensee occupies the Centre at their own risk. The Licensee acknowledges that neither CM, CHI nor Cerno Property Services can be held liable for any theft, damage, injury or other liability caused to or by the Licensee and/or their property.
  8. The Licensee cannot trade outside the stipulated Casual Lease Area without the express written approval from CM.
  9. The Licensee agrees that, should the Licensee fail to observe any of the stipulated Terms and Conditions, CM reserves the right to immediately revoke the Casual Leasing license. Should this occur, the Licensee must vacate the premises within 2 hours, and remove all promotional equipment, display fittings and/or other articles. There will we no refunds should this occur.
  10. The Licensee agrees to display material being a maximum of two (2) only with a height restriction of 1.6m. CM reserves the right to remove non-complying display material.
  11. The Licensee will be liable for any repairs to damage incurred by CM which is directly attributable to the Licensee or their staff.
  12. The Licensee is responsible for compliance with all statures, or regulations issued by any government authority.
  13. The license is to the Licensee only and does not allow permission for them to create any tenancy or leasehold interest to a 3rd party.
  14. Licenced area must be attended too at all times during Centre Trading hours.